Our Value Proposition - Why Choose Pervidi?

Techs4Biz combines easy-to-use software with experienced business and technical professionals to deliver the best value to our customers. The main benefits of using our services will quickly become apparent when your company begins to use Pervidi. It enables you to do a lot more in less time, and shifts your focus towards managing your operations more effectively and analyzing your business' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  1. Easy to use
    Each Pervidi component is specifically designed for its target audience, matching the user's responsibilities with the functions required for their job.

  2. Customizable
    While we believe that, out of the box, Pervidi can address most of the business processes involving field activities, tailoring your implementation of Pervidi in a cost-effective manner will ensure that your specific requirements are met. Since we do not develop our customized solutions from scratch, we deliver the speed and benefits of packaged solutions along with the advantages of customization to our customers’ specific needs.

  3. Reliable & Established
    Pervidi was first released in 1999 and was one of the first companies to offer electronic work orders and inspections using PDAs.

  4. Cost effective / Great Return on Investment
    Pervidi is cost effective with an impressive Return On Investment of 6-9 months.

  5. Applying relevant business experience
    Since Pervidi has already been implemented at a large variety of customers and business models, our solution consultants can apply this experience to your specific environment and requirements.

  6. Unlimited growth
    Pervidi is used by small companies as well as large global organizations. Its flexibility and diversity enables a variety of configurations that address the needs of any organization.

    Pervidi offers the BEST VALUE for automating your field activities - and we would be pleased to demonstrate it at your convenience.
  8. By understanding our customers’ business processes and challenges and by applying our team’s experience, we provide solutions that:

    • Improve your organization's operational efficiencies in performing required tasks
    • Increase productivity and efficiency
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Improve response time to customer queries and overall customer service and satisfaction
    • Facilitate information sharing within the organization and improve communication with external groups
    • Simplify and standardize activities for inspectors, service personnel and technicians
    • Improve management control and accountability
    • Provide timely and easy access to information
    • Dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of paper-based work processes
    • Enable business growth

    We pride ourselves on our exceptional products and customer service and we are always pleased to demonstrate the value of our products to potential new customers.