Techs4Biz corporation is a technology innovator and developer of solutions for managing facilities, resources, services and operations, with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Formed in 1999 as a privately owned corporation, Techs4Biz created the Pervidi product line which was one of the first software products with an integrated PDA application. Over the past 10 years Pervidi was expanded to manage any type of inspection, maintenance operations (CMMS), physical assets, inventories and field service operations.

Since our inception, Techs4Biz has been developing and implementing practical and innovative technology solutions to address a multitude of unique business applications. Our approach has always been to apply advanced yet proven technologies in order to address real world business needs.

Why choose Techs4Biz?

We use reliable proven technologies to deliver superb value to our customers, leveraging capabilities that we have developed through our customer base.

We deliver the speed and benefits of packaged solutions together with the advantages of customization to quickly deliver systems designed to our customers’ specific needs.

By understanding our customers’ business processes and challenges and by applying our experience to your specific needs, we provide solutions that improve your work processes, while migrating from paper-based procedures to automated processes.

Our Approach

Our approach is to identify areas in which your company can benefit most, and provide you with an effective, tailored solution based on proven, best-of-breed process and project management methodologies. Our solutions are based on our existing offerings and technologies, with modifications to address your specific needs and business requirements for maximum effectiveness of the system.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional products and customer service and we are confident that we can deliver superb value to your organization.

Our goal is to provide top quality products and services to our customers and we look forward to providing this level of service for you.