Powerful, Flexible & Easy-To-Use - our suite of products combine software, mobile devices, and web portals that enable organisations to focus on their core competencies by improving operational activities.

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Pervidi in Latin means to inspect or survey, and this is precisely what our solutions are designed for: deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions to systematically manage paper-based activities and processes.

By incorporating any of our solutions, Pervidi will help your business become more efficient:

Inspection Management

Manage ANY TYPE of inspection, audit, and site survey including custom checklists, exceptions, and code references. Built-in Corrective Action and Management Reporting dramatically enhance  follow-up and deficiency-management.

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Field Service

Pervidi enables service organizations to manage any size field-force including electronic data transmission, mobile printing, electronic signatures, and integrated pictures. Combine Web Portal, PDA, and Tablets to dramatically improve efficiencies.

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Asset Management

Tracking corporate assets and equipment including asset life cycle, reporting, assignments, requisition/return functionality, and move-management  Optional integration of barcodes and/or RFID tagging turns a 'tedious' task into a 'piece of cake'.


Facility Management

Pervidi enables changing focus from paper-based activities to focus on your expertise and dealing with exceptions.  This includes managing your corporate facilities, customers' plants, or inspecting properties as a service.

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CMMS / Work Orders

Pervidi enhances a computerized Maintenance Management System with multiple tools, each designed for a specific target audience: Desktop Software, PDA Software, Web Portal, Tablet Software, or iPhone utility.

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Pre-Start Inspections

Drivers and heavy machinery operators can use their phones to complete their daily pre-start checklists using Pervidi. Fleet managers receive immediate results, deficiencies and alerts as well as notifications when inspections are overdue.

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Safety Audits and Site Surveys

Using iPads or Tablets, fiels inspectors and sales staff can perform site audits and surveys including detailed findings, pictures, risks, recommendations, and product/cost estimates.

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Custom Data Collection

Since Pervidi enables you to define your checklists, drop-down values, deficiencies, and pasted text, you can define your own forms and checklists into Pervidi and collect any desired information with a minimal learning curve.

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Mobile Software

Mobile software turns smartphones and tablets into electronic data collection devices without the need for a continuous wireless connection.

Desktop / Client-Server Software

Pervidi Desktop/Client-server can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to your corporate network. It provides comprehensive management functionalities that allow you to manage every aspect of your processes.

Web Portal

Connected to the same database used by PDA and desktop users, the Pervidi Web Portal provides access to remote users using their web browsers.

Barcodes / RFID

Connected to the same database used by PDA and desktop users, the Pervidi Web Portal provide functionalities to remote users using their web browsers.


Pervidi can use any TCP/IP connectivity to transmit data, including: standard connection to your network, BlueTooth, 802.11x, WWAN, etc.

Laptop / Tablet Software

Pervidi's innovative Laptop/Tablet software enables users to extract the required information from their corporate database to their laptop/tablet, use it in offline-mode to collect data, and subsequently reconnect the laptop/tablet to their database and synchronize the data back.

iPhone Integration

Although designed for an iPhone screen, this utility enables any mobile browser to access Pervidi.

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