A PDA device with stylus

Pervidi enables organisations to conduct field operations effectively and efficiently without the need for paper or a laptop in the field. Operating on Windows Mobile platforms, Pervidi uses intuitive screen layout and easy to use navigation that allow inspectors, maintenance staff, service people, and field personnel to quickly and easily perform their activities.

Using PDAs, users can track and manage assets, work orders, inspections, time sheets, audits, inventories, customers, etc. The handheld devices can link with your database using cradles or wireless connectivity. Your PDA can store and quickly access thousands of assets, work orders, parts, and customer information.

Powerful, advanced, intuitive

We deliver the most advanced hand-held applications in the marketplace - yet they are easy to use! Intuitive menu-driven options enable users with minimal knowledge and experience with computers to perform their activities quickly and easily:

  • Easy to use and simple to learn.
  • Uses built-in checklists to quickly add new inspections and work orders.
  • Designed for maximum efficiency by tailoring menus and minimizing keystrokes.
  • Captures signatures and date/time stamps.
  • Can integrate barcodes, RFID, and swipe card readers.

Our hand-held applications easily integrate with our software or they can link with your existing applications.

The use of portable hand-held devices introduces a tremendous advantage and provide field personnel with business functionality and intelligence that can easily be translated into cost savings and impact your bottom line.