Techs4Biz Corporation delivers solutions to meet the unique needs of different industries:


From equipment calibration to facility management, to inspections, to regulatory standards and liability protection, to biomedical service, Pervidi enables the healthcare industry to successfully face a range of issues and dramatically improve operational efficiencies.


Pervidi caters to Biotechnology industry segments including the Industrial Environmental facilities, Biotechnology service providers, Research facilities, Biomedical Manufacturing, and Food & Agriculture inspections.

Real Estate - Property and Facility Management

Pervidi is the ideal solution for any property management firm or service provider including commercial, residential or industrial facilities. Web portals combined with PDAs and management software deliver very quick return on investment.


Schedule and track mandatory inspections of your schools, colleges and universities or use Pervidi to completely manage your school maintenance and repair activities. Since Pervidi can manage an entire school board or a single school, benefits and return on investment are easy to demonstrate.

Service Providers

Pervidi is a valuable addition to any service organization since it enhances dispatch, improves customer management, simplifies information flow, and dramatically improves your ability to manage your business instead of 'just trying to keep up' with daily operations.


Local, state/provincial and federal governments can use Pervidi to optimize their operations and ensure mission readiness. Pervidi supports a wide range of business processes for a broad range of assets including properties and facilities, fleet, IT assets, utilities, infrastructure, medical and life science assets, and many more.

Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources

Whether facing regulatory oversight, highly competitive markets, public visibility, or being mission critical and cost conscious, the Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources sector can utilize our Inspection, Asset Management, or CMMS solutions to address their challenges.


Avoid unnecessarily interruptions to your production line by using Pervidi to regularly inspect and maintain your vital equipment. Keep track of your inspection and maintenance schedules, manage inventories to avoid stocking issues, and focus on exceptions to improve your operations.

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