A barcode used for tracking assets

For a business to be successful, it is critical to ensure smooth operations so that customers are offered the services they require quickly and effectively. For this to happen, every business needs to have easy access to its "assets".

An asset could be any equipment, facility, product, service or person.

Our software solutions can help businesses manage their assets. Combining software, PDAs (handheld devices), and web portals, Pervidi Asset Management / EAM enables the flexibility to manage any asset at any level of detail that you require in a cost effective manner.

Effective asset management strategies that are tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements can enable you to identify and prevent exposure to loss thereby protecting your company's valuable assets. Pervidi Asset Management /EAM can track the asset and its history, enabling you to derive effective decisions on the asset's utility. For example, Pervidi can be used to track your equipment's warranty in case it is about to expire or should it become necessary to review the coverage for the purpose of repair or replacement.

Handheld scanners dramatically simplify the way you perform audits and data collections, allowing you to dramatically improve audit process and reconciliation.

Pervidi Asset Management / EAM can be delivered as a turnkey package of training and software. It can also be provided with consulting, or as part of a completely customised solution including integration with other Management Information Systems.


Manage your assets with Pervidi

Here are some of the many ways you can manage your assets with Pervidi:

  • Build a detailed knowledge base about your assets (maintenance history, warranties, etc).
  • Central database that allow multiple users to access information about assets.
  • Track physical assets (spare parts) and human assets (maintenance personal and customers).
  • Plan a comprehensive preventative maintenance program at predictable service intervals.
  • Wireless functionality that allows remote data collection and inspections.
  • Eliminate unnecessary purchases, minimize write-offs, and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Implement barcodes and handheld devices to provide fast and accurate information.
  • Improve accessibility and services over the Internet to manage work orders.
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