Connecting Pervidi with Existing Systems / Databases and Importing Data

While PervidiTM can be operated as a 'stand-alone' system, many of our customers link PervidiTM with their existing systems including ERP systems, Accounting packages, Inventory systems, Space Management systems, etc.:

1. Importing data

Data can be imported via s CSV file or via a direct link between PervidiTM and your existing databases. This ensure a SINGLE data source and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.

Depending on your specific requirements, data can include asset information, part information, customer information, space/site information, etc.

2. Exporting data

PervidiTM's built-in export mechanisms enable you to dynamically determine which data items you wish to include in the extract, and export this data to a CSV file.

3. Connecting PervidiTM directly to your downstream databases

As required, PervidiTM can directly connect with your downstream databases and perform the data exchange automatically using our built-in Trigger engine.

4. Using PervidiTM's Interface

PervidiTM's built-in API enables 3rd party systems to automatically exchange information with PervidiTM without modifications to your downstream application or business rules. For example, ERP systems can use PervidiTM's powerful handheld devices without changes to their back-office systems.