Case Study: CMMS Software used on Queensland Banana Farm

The Pervidi computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software solution has been successfully implemented on one of Australia’s largest banana farms, covering almost a thousand acres in Northern Queensland.

Prior to the use of Pervidi CMMS software, the banana farm had previously used a paper-based system to manage and track equipment, activities, and safety which had proved costly and inefficient.

The implementation of the CMMS software allowed for asset information and pre-scheduled work orders and inspections to be sent to handheld mobile devices, in this case a PDA (personal digital assistant). All field work can recorded on the handheld devices loaded with the CMMS software. If a new activity needs to be recorded, the technician can use a set of pre-loaded checklists to quickly add a new inspection or work order onto the device.

The CMMS software from Techs4Biz addressed many of the issues faced by the farm. It allowed for all the paper-based systems to be automated, increasing efficiency and allowing for maximum equipment uptime.

The use of Pervidi CMMS software on the banana farm is another good example of the software’s flexibility. The software is completely customisable to any business or process. Pervidi CMMS software can be delivered as a turnkey package of training and software. It can be provided with consulting or as part of a completely customised solution.

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