A handheld barcode reader being used in a warehouse

One of the easiest means of retrieving information is by using an automatic identification method such as barcodes or radio frequency identifications tags (RFID).

Barcodes and RFID tags can be used to identify assets, equipment, areas, vehicles, live stock, etc. A user can therefore scan an asset/area and immediately view the pending work order or inspection for that asset/area. Scanning can also retrieve asset information such as serial number or special instructions.

Incorporating barcodes and RFID tags with your assets or your facilities will boost productivity and efficiency of the work force while reducing errors. Each barcode print or the unique RFID tag can linked to a unique asset or work order.

If desired, we can also incorporate 2D barcodes which hold information about the asset/area. 2D barcodes can store text, images, fingerprints, voice files, binary information, and even hand geometry.