Pervidi Paperless Inspection to Include iOS & Android Desktop Sync Function

For Immediate Release - Toronto, August 11, 2015

Techs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities and safety inspections, announces the upcoming release of a new feature: The ability to Sync data between iOS & Android devices and the Pervidi Desktop software without the need for a server or network access.

The new version of Pervidi dramatically expands the solution's capabilities by enabling iOS & Android devices to securely connect directly with the Pervidi Desktop software without connecting to any server. Pervidi is the only system for managing safety inspections & audits that offers 3 distinct alternatives for implementations:
1. Cloud-based implementation (SaaS)
2. In-house, stand-alone desktop installation
3. In-house Server-based installation
All 3 configurations can now use iOS & Android devices as their mobile platform without the need for corporate mobile network access or cradle-based data sync.

"Since many of our customers use Pervidi in-house, this is a very exciting new feature, especially for stand-alone installations of Pervidi, which are typically not managed by corporate I.T.", says Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz CTO.

Stand-alone in-house implementations of Pervidi will be able to start migrating from Windows-Mobile PDAs towards using iOS & Android devices later this year. New Pervidi customers will be able to use their iOS and Android devices and sync directly with their desktop or laptop computers.

"We plan to start phasing out Windows-Mobile PDAs as soon as possible; however, support for those PDAs is currently scheduled to continue until the end of 2016", says Eitan.

The new version of Pervidi will be showcased at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta in September 2015.

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Since 1999 Techs4Biz has been implementing Pervidi within various organizations, business models and processes. Pervidi enables a shift in focus from paper-based administrative tasks to improved management and informed decision making by migrating from manual activities to automated practices.

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