Product Highlights

Over 1000 Checklists...

We have devloped over 1000 checklists that cover a wide range of topics and industries: Safety checklists, Facility Audits, OHS, Mines, Oil and Gas, Pre-Start Checks, Construction, and many more...
Our checklists include multi layers: additional instructions, possible deficiencies, min/max thresholds, and other options.
We would be pleased to share these checklist or assist in automating your custom checklst.

Supports BOTH Cloud-based (Saas) or In-House Implementations

The only solution offered BOTH as a hosted solution (Cloud-based) or as an in-house installation (installed on customer's servers):
- Pervidi Hosted (Cloud-based) allows users to connect to the Pervidi Web Portal from any Web Browser.
- Pervidi Desktop is installed on your computer and operates locally, within your firewall.
- Pervidi Network is installed on your server(s) and delivers complete web-based functionality in-house.

Integrated RFID, Barcodes and Picture Taking

Using YOUR Smartphone or Tablet, Pervidi users integrate barcode reading, RFID scanning, picture taking and electronic signatures.
This significantly improves your Return On Investment (ROI) as you don't need to purchase expensive hardware to automate your inspections.

Decision-based inspections and Field Data Collection

Pervidi is the only solution that has built-in decision logic, allowing users to dynamically change their inspections/observations in the field based on the answer chosen.
This simplifies the inspection process while integrating intelligent business rules.

Tailored and Customizable

- Offered both as a packaged solution (commercial off the-shelf) and as a custom implementation.
- Can be implemented for any size organization, starting with 1 user and expanding to 1,000 users or more.
- Continuously evolving to address new processes and business needs.
- Optional integration with in-house systems and databases (e.g. LDAP authentication), and custom integration alternatives.

Multi Language Support

Pervidi is currently offered in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Swedish.

Automatic Corrective Actions and Notifications

Includes a unique Corrective Action mechanism that proactively tracks issues found during the inspection or data collection process, automatically assigns Corrective Actions to personnel, and sends automatic alerts and notifications.

Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation demo of Pervidi                   (USA) 1-800-361-8725  |  (Canada) 1-905-475-9910