The Pervidi iPhone App

Our iPhone App now adds a new dimension to automating field force activities.

Smart-phones and tablets running on the iOS can be used to record inspection results and collect data in the field. Since Pervidi deploys iPhones/iPads in an OFFLINE mode, you can manage wireless data transmission and costs based on your specific needs.

For example, you can 'load' your iPhone with all the required activities for the next week, collect all required information in the field while using the Pervidi-iPhone App OFFLINE without transmitting any data to the server. Subsequently, data can be sent back to the database using any data connectivity including 3G / 4G or WiFi. This significantly increases flexibility and reduces costs.

Easy to learn and easy to use Pervidi Paperless Inspections

The Pervidi iPhone App is very intuitive and it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use it.

Pervidi Paperless Inspections

Integrating Barcodes

Seamlessly integrate barcodes by using your iPhone's built-in camera - without the need to use an external barcode reader.

Picture taking and Markups

Use your iPhone's camera to take pictures directly into Pervidi. Once a picture is taken, 'doodle' on your picture and wirelessly send it to the database. All activities are fully integrated into Pervidi with a click of a button!

Wireless Data Synchronization

You can send and receive data wirelessly by connecting the Pervidi iPhone application with the Pervidi Wireless Server, which can be hosted on your server or in one of Techs4biz' Data Centers. All communication is done via port 80 without the need to configure your firewall.

Managing YOUR checklists and templates

Since the Pervidi iPhone App seamlessly connects with the Pervidi backbone and all the Pervidi products, you can continue to design and manage your custom checklists and templates and simply 'deploy' them to your iPhones/iPads.

  • Integrate YOUR iPhones/iPads with the Pervidi products.
  • Use Pervidi as a hosted solution (Software As A Service) or install it onh your Server(s).
  • Use the iPhone OFFLINE without incurring unnecessary transmission costs. Transmit data from/to the database when it is most convenient for you using 3G/4G/WiFi.
  • 'Mixe-and-match' devices to provide the most optimal solution: combine durable Windows-based PDAs, iPhones and iPads in your Pervidi project.
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