Techs4Biz announces Enhancements to Pervidi Remote Access and Wireless Technology, Dramatically Improving Speed and Flexibility

For Immediate Release - January 22, 2010

Techs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities, announces enhancements to Pervidi’s remote access and wireless module, including improving speed and flexibility.

The Pervidi product line includes the option to remotely exchange information with the database, regardless of where the database is hosted. Using either wireless PDAs or ‘remote’ cradles, users can send and receive work orders, inspections, address information, asset information, parts, deficiencies, timesheet information, and other related information from anywhere in the world.

"The new enhancements enable remote users to quickly and efficiently receive large amounts of data such as weekly or monthly ‘run sheets’, large number of work orders or inspections, large list of parts, etc." says Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz CTO.

In addition to dispatching work activities and transferring required information back to the office, the new enhancements enables users to refresh their PDAs with large amounts of data quickly, for example: a technician can receive 100 inspections or work orders, including all related information ,line items, possible deficiencies, and reference data in less than 3 minutes. "This represents a significant improvement to the current wireless data transfer, allowing field technicians to quickly receive their weekly or monthly work activities with no interruption to their daily routine", says Eitan.

The new Pervidi wireless enhancements are available immediately and will come as standard with all Pervidi wireless products including remote cradle data exchange, hosted databases, and wireless PDAs.

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Since 1999 Techs4Biz has been implementing Pervidi within various organizations, business models and processes. PervidiTM enables a shift in focus from paper-based administrative tasks to improved management and informed decision making by migrating from manual activities to automated practices.

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