Techs4Biz Corporation Announces the Release of PervidiTM 5.0, named PervidiTM W3, focusing on cutting operational costs and simplifying work processes

For immediate release Toronto, Canada - December 31, 2008

Techs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products and services for field inspectors and technicians, announces today the release of version 5.0 of Pervidi - named Pervidi W3. Pervidi W3 is based on three W's:

Work Faster
Receive pending activities and schedules electronically to a handheld device or a web browser; send completed inspection and work order results quickly and efficiently; produce reports quickly and eliminate data entry and time delays.

Work Smarter
Use PDAs to electronically record all your inspections, assessments, work orders, audits, and field activities. Quickly exchange information with the central database using cradles and/or wireless connectivity. Use your own custom checklists, templates and forms.

Work Anywhere
Connect to your own server/database or connect to Techs4Biz' hosted servers from anywhere in the world via a PDA and/or via any web browser. All you need is a connection to the Internet.

Pervidi W3 is specifically designed to increase the capabilities of field technicians and inspectors and process information faster and at lower cost. By automating field service and inspections organizations can improve efficiencies, cut costs, and simplify work operations. Pervidi W3 also expands the reach of field technicians, enabling them to perform their field activities and exchange information with the central database via any Internet connections including cellular technologies, WiFi (802.11x), Bluetooth, or cradles.

In addition to being offered as an in-house solution, Pervidi W3 is also offered as a hosted solution (Software as a Service); organizations can therefore subscribe to Pervidi W3 for a monthly fee, focusing on efficiency improvements and cost cutting without any infrastructure or in-house I.T. costs.

"Pervidi W3 Web Portal enables any authorized user to update inspection information, print reports, track customers and sites, and perform all the required management functions using any Web Browser. Using Pervidi's existing innovative technologies, Pervidi W3 offers enhanced flexibility and innovation packaged in a hosted solution, offering our customers Pervidi as a service", explains Mel Rosen, Techs4Biz' Business Development Vice President. "We are proud to continuously deliver useful and easy-to-use functionalities to our users and continue to be the leader in the field of mobile electronic inspections and service management", says Mel.

Pervidi W3 can be deployed by organizations varying in sizes and structures, and can be quickly and easily deployed as a service in a variety of industries, including:

  • Property/facility Maintenance or Inspections;
  • Schools and Universities for custodial audits, safety inspections or complete maintenance management;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Healthcare facility inspections and biomedical equipment maintenance;
  • Fire, HVAC, and other service providers
  • Mining safety inspections
  • Construction safety inspections;
  • General Field Service.

About Techs4Biz Corporation

Since 1999 Techs4Biz has been implementing Pervidi within various organizations, business models and processes. PervidiTM enables a shift in focus from paper-based administrative tasks to improved management and informed decision making by migrating from manual activities to automated practices.

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