Product Highlights

Pervidi is a set of software components that are configured for each project.
This unique approach to software implementation enables Pervidi to be used by small, medium and large companies alike.

Pervidi Components include:
  • Web Portal
  • Desktop / Client-Server Management Software
  • PDA Software (offline and/or wireless)
  • Trigger Engine
  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • Laptop / Tablet Software (offline)
  • Integrated Barcode/RFID
  • Integrated Camera and GPS
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Corrective Actions
  • Offered in 7 Languages
  • Enhanced Management Reporting
  • Integration with LDAP or other Downstream Applications

Pervidi Paperless Inspections

Pervidi is a true paperless inspection software, where the term 'inspection' represents any type of field activity or data collection. Since Pervidi users control their checklists, Pervidi can be used to automate a large variety of business processes and activities performed by field technicians.

Pervidi Total Safety

Pervidi Total Safety
A complete solution for your Safety needs.

Pervidi Inspection Software

Inspection Software
The most flexible and powerful inspection software.

Pervidi Field Service

Field Service
Manage field technicians and service activities.

Pervidi Asset Management

Asset Management
Track and manage any type of asset and/or equipment.

Pervidi Asset management

Facility Management
Manage all activities related to your Facilities, Properties and equipment.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection
Inspect Fall Protection equipment including built-in checklists and manufacturing information.

Pervidi Asset management

CMMS / Work Orders
Easy-to-use yet comprehensive CMMS and Work Order Management.

Pervidi Pre-Start Inspections

Pre-Start Inspections
The most effective fleet Pre-Start inspection software.

Safety Audits and Site Surveys

Safety Audits and Site Surveys
For site and property audits, surveys and recommendations.

Pervidi Android

Using ANDROID Devices
Pervidi supports Android Smart-phones and tablets.

Pervidi iPhone

Using iPhones / iPads
Conduct inspections, scan barcodes, take pictures and capture electronic signatures.

Pervidi can be implemented 'out of the box', or tailored for specific business rules, corporate infrastructure, or custom processes.

In-House implementation

In-house implementations store the Pervidi database on your server and incorporate the desired Pervidi componenets within your technical infrastructure.

Hosted (Software As A Service)

The Pervidi SAAS implementation includes  hosting the database and application in our Data Center.  We take care of all hardware, operating systems and software components.  To use Pervidi you simply need a connection to the Internet.

Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation demo of Pervidi                   (USA) 1-800-361-8725  |  (Canada) 1-905-475-9910